Friday, November 27, 2009

Strained Adductor!

On Monday, I decided to go ahead and give one of Mike Mahler's kettlebell programs a try, and it freaking owns! Except that, somehow, during the last few sets of renegade rows, I managed to strain my left adductor. It freaking hurts.

I think it happened because I wasn't tucking my hips in and really focusing on overall body tension.

Tonigh I tried the same plan and I discovered several things: One, and I should know this already, is that Tension Is Strength - I went from using the 16kg bells on Monday to using the 24kg bells today and only got 2 fewer reps, which is fine with me; Two, is that my adductor was still more sore than I thought and it started to hurt again, which forced me to stop using that leg. Just about any movement causes it to really smart and it became too distracting.

Several lessons learned. I will nurse the adductor back to health and get back into hard training. I'm really looking forward to the heavy program that Mike laid out. Check out Mike's original post here.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I've been so busy the past few weeks that I've forgotten to blog!

Training for my Microsoft certifications has been taking up a lot of time, but it's paid off. I passed the first exam, for Windows XP Professional, and have more tools in my toolbox and a new entry for the resume.

Tonight's kettlebell training was:
  • 6:30 of getups with a 24kg bell. I tried to focus hard on keeping the tension up during this as I'd noticed that I was getting some leakage during the last few times I'd done it and even for the first few reps of today. After tightening up, nearly white-knuckled the handle of the bell, I saw instant stability, which felt great.
  • 10:00 of kettlebell swings, alternating the first few sets between two-handed swings with the 24kg and one-handed with a 16kg; last 5:00 I stuck with just the 24kg, still alternating between one and two-handed. Work to rest was 30 on/40 off. Tried to average 18 reps per work period, but didn't really count.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kettlebell Training: October 18, 2009

Today I felt like doing something, rather than sitting around. The weather here was absolutely beautiful and so I took the bells outside.

One run through a ladder, with 5 rungs, using two 16kg bells, of swings, cleans, front squats, and presses. Rest periods between sets was fluid and probably ran between 30 and 60 seconds. I just didn't want to think about it or keep track.

I waited a few minutes and then dragged an already beat up tire out from the old dog run in my backyard and did 100 swings with an 8 pound sledgehammer at the poor, defenseless thing. I alternated sets of 20 and 10 (switching arms at 1/2), resting between sets for approximately the same time as in the KB ladder, until I hit 100.

Simple and fun.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kettlebell Training: October 17, 2009

Warmup consisted of circuits through the following:
  • Halos, 5 each direction
  • Face the wall squats
  • Pump stretch
Followed by:
  • 6:30 minutes of Turkish Getups with a 24kg bell - had a shaky rep when I wsa pushing off of one lunge and felt a cramp starting, it threw off my balance but I recovered fine without incident and the cramp quickly went away; total of 6 reps per side.
  • 10 minutes of swings with a 24kg bell, 30 seconds on/40 off for 9 total sets, 18 reps per set; for a total of 162 reps (3888 kg/8571.5 lbs total volume).
My squat form is just so disappointing. My right ankle just simply doesn't have the flexibility and stability that it should, due to several sprains I've experienced in the past year or so. I need to get in to see a doctor that uses ART or the Graston Technique to start breaking up the scar tissue and help me rehab it. It's really start to bug me. Maybe then my squats will improve.

However, since I am currently unemployed it will be hard to get to a doc. I have a job interview tomorrow so here's to hoping that I get good news!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kettlebell Training: October 13, 2009

Warmup, with a 16kg bell:
  • 20 minutes of Z-Health, R-Phase, FBTS.
  • Halos, 5 each direction.
  • Hot potato, 5 each arm.
  • Slingshot, 10 each direction.
  • Low Slingshot, 10 each direction.
  • Figure 8's, 10 each direction.
  • One-handed swings, 10 each arm.
Workout, with a 24kg bell:
  • Turkish Getup ladder with 3 rungs and almost lost the last rep on the last set due to a lot of arm soreness.
  • 2 minute rest.
  • 10 minutes of swings using a 24kg bell, two-handed, using a 30 second on/40 second off timing.
For the swings I did exactly 18 reps per work period and got 9 sets completed (set the bell down after the last rep and my timer chimed in to let me know the 10 minutes was up), for a total of 162 reps (3888kg/8571.5lbs total volume, an 11.7% increase over last Wednesday).

That was a tough workout and I felt myself messing up, starting to round my back and look down, about 75% of the way through. I did not let that continue, and focused hard to keeping my eyes forward and my hips snappy. Finished strong.

Bad thing about the getups is the pre-existing issues with early carpal tunnel in my right wrist. I'm having to really squeeze the handle hard to keep it stable and prevent my forearm from hurting, and gripping it like that makes my arm sore.

I did see a Youtube video by Scott Sonnon describing some wrist work he uses for prehab/rehab in kettlebell training, so I may jump into that and see if it helps. Will update this post later with the URL for that video, but for now it's bed time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kettlebell Training: October 07, 2009

Earlier in the day I did some ASLR and Brettzel work (I really need to do this every day, as my range is terrible in both).

For kettlebells I warmed up with a 16kg bell:
  • Halos, 5 each direction.
  • Hot Potato, 5 each arm.
  • Slingshot, 10 each direction.
  • Low Slingshot, 10 each direction
  • Figure 8's, 10 total
  • One-handed KB swings, 5 each arm
I typically run through that circuit twice, but I still felt pretty warmed up from doing some housework (yes, I do it sometimes) so I just dove into the meat of the training, which was:
  • 6 minutes of Turkish Getups using a 24kg bell, switching sides each rep, and I think I got 8 on each side, but I lost count while focusing on the movement.
  • Two minute rest.
  • 10 minutes of swings using a 24kg bell, two-handed, using a 30 second on/45 second off timing. I averaged 18 reps per work period and got 8 sets completed, plus one last rep on the last set before my timer went off, for a total of 145 reps (3480kg/7672lbs total volume).
On Friday, I'll do one more workout with identical timings, but next week the Getups go up to 6:30 and the Swings drop to 30:40.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Krav Maga Saturday: Major Soreness

Krav Maga training this morning was not bad. I've got some gripes about the instructor who has been teaching some of the classes, though I have not said anything to the school owner, for various reasons.

Basically, none of the instructors there really know how to safely and efficiently warm people up for training. Doing arm circles and 2-second shoulder and hamstring stretches is insufficient and I find myself having to bite my tongue to prevent me saying out loud: "Why are we doing this crap?"

There's a new guy in class, maybe early to mid twenties, who definitely has a good athletics background as his punches and kicks are devastating, especially on the old pads and shields we have (they really, really suck). We were doing low roundhouses today and this guy just pummeled my thighs into oblivion. My left leg is so sore that it's hard to walk. I'll need to foamroll but I am not looking forward to that.

As far as my membership at this school is concerned, I prepaid for a year, so I'm just biding my time. The membership will be up in March of 2010 so I haven't got that much time left, but I will admit that there are some people I'll miss so I have to think hard about leaving. Of course, if I am not employed by then I won't really have a choice.

I've applied to be a sheriff's deputy in my county and if accepted, and I pass the academy, then I'll likely be golden on Krav Maga as there is a local KM school (KM only, no mixed arts like at my current school) that is run by two deputies and I bet they don't screw around. My long term goal is to become both a kettlebell instructor and a KM instructor (and maybe FMS too, if I can), as I feel combining the two here in town could be awesome.

Now, there are some RKCs here in my city but I don't think they are affiliated with any of the Krav schools, though I do know that one of the owners/instructors of a local KM school does train with a RKC trainer, I just don't believe the training is linked. I would like to be setup for both.

So, we'll see what the future holds. 2010 is a year of big plans for me: RKC, further KM training and instructor training, if I can, starting college (for anything!), achieving some further IT certifications (MCSE) seeing as it's already paid for and I just need to pass the tests, and continuing my KB training.