Thursday, March 19, 2009

Followup with the Podiatrist

This was the one month followup with the podiatrist regarding the turf toe, for the great toe on my right foot ("great toe" sounds better than "big toe," eh? My toe is great!).

It's been significantly less sore and feels stronger since I've been taping it and wearing a inflexible shoe when I didn't feel like taping. Damn athletic tape started taking skin off with it and that is really painful.

Doc said that the progress is good and that I should continue with taping when needed, and wearing shoes that are as stiff as I can get. I am continuing with the physical therapy, which consists of band work and mostly Z-Health work. The PT at the doc's office had given me a sheet of things to do every day, and I have been swapping between Z and those, but I've missed both for the past several days. Must start again and stick with it!

I've been feeling the itch to get back into Krav Maga, so I'm gonna head over to the school this Saturday and talk to the owner. I'll go as often as I can, but I'll just need to be really aware of how the toe feels, and keep it taped up when training. The bad thing is that I won't be able to do much running or jumping, but kicking should be ok as long as I don't stupidly mash that toe, again.

I've got some serious weight to lose, gained too much after taking a break from Krav. Sigh.

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