Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Intermittent Fasting, Day 04, March 24, 2009

Morning supplementation:
  • 1g Vitamin C
  • 50mg DHEA
  • Men's multivitamin
  • Two capsules of green tea extract
  • 5g Biotest creatine

Today I ate two meals, before 6pm, as scheduled.

The first was a huge eggwhite omelet for breakfast. It was made of 1.5cups of eggwhites, mixed with 1 whole egg, fried green peppers and onions, and topped with two slices of non-fat cheese. I also ate three slices of high-fiber bread (each slice contains 6g fiber!) and also ate a banana.

The banana was too much. Followed up that meal with 4 capsules of Biotest's Flameout.

I was stuffed for about 4 hours after that meal, and then I did a stupid thing.

I went to McDonalds. I really am starting to develop a hate for fast food, but I find myself craving it. Sounds like an addiction to me.

So, what did I get? A double-quarter pounder value meal with fries and a Coke, and an extra quarter pounder. Tasted so good, but eating like this always makes me feel like crap.

I have got to break this addiction to fast food.

Now, I will eat nothing else until after 6pm tomorrow night!

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