Friday, March 27, 2009

Training for March 27, 2009

I've missed posting about my training for the past several days, and I'm working on remedying that. Mostly Z-Health, some FlowFit, and some kettlebell training.

So far today I've done some GTG snatch work using a 16kg bell (1x5 left/right), just trying to really focus on the punch-through and keeping the arm locked out. Just from today's practice I saw a marked improvement from the 1st rep to the 5th.

Later on today I'll switch to the 24kg.

Edit @ ~1:00PM: Just finished a GTG 1x5 set with a 24kg bell, left then right. Form was better than ever on my snatch with the 24kg, and I can say that it's all due to watching this video on Youtube.

Edit @ 5:00PM: Did a second GTG set, 1x5, with a 24kg bell and it was a little sloppy. I started to feel tired after a couple reps.


Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

Congratulations on your snatch breakthrough. It feels a lot different now doesn't it?

Richard said...

Hi Sandy,

Yeah, it sure does. Even though I'd trained it a good amount, some things just never clicked until I saw that video.

Combined with shoveling snow, GTG make my upper back nice and sore.

I'm looking forward to training for the new RKC. I'd like to knock that out later this year or early next year.