Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Training for March 31, 2009

7 minutes of VO2max training with a 16kg bell for lunch instead of eating. First 5 minutes were ok, but those last two were getting pretty tough. My snatch form started to get a little sloppy, but that just means I need to really focus on powering through it mentally.

It's an interesting paradox: doing snatches shows you just how bad you are at them, but high-rep work on them, or this VO2max I'm doing, forces you to learn proper technique, because without it you just can't get through it. I find that I start having to muscle through the movement the last quarter to third of the sets as my technique starts to go due to fatigue, but once the fatigue starts to peak, I must focus on technique to complete the remaining reps.

My upper back and shoulders actually feel pretty good. The camshafts and other shoulder work from Z-Health have really helped my shoulders out.

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