Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Ok, last Monday my weight was 224 pounds.

As of this morning, my weight was 220.5 pounds.

Now, this Intermittent Fasting diet I am doing is not really low carb, and I have even included some foods I shouldn't really be eating, such as the carrot cake roll from Saturday or the nasty tortilla chips from a few days before. I've also been drinking between a half-gallon to a full gallon of water each day and I've practically eliminated all the diet soda that had become such a bad habit for me (had a low-carb Monster energy drink at 5pm Saturday).

My activity is roughly the same as it was before I'd started the diet, so I feel I can say that something is definitely working.


Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

I've had great luck with the Paleo Diet For Athletes. Great energy for my kettlebell sessions and feel very good. Never been leaner either.

Richard said...

Hi Sandy,

I've thought about that one, as well, and I may do it in the future.

I'm discovering that IF is gradually forcing me into better eating habits. I guess it's the thought that if I eat junk, then the lack of nutrients is amplified in since I'm fasting.

I find myself desiring fruit more, and have been having one piece of fruit per day, whereas before I'd eat maybe a couple pieces per week.

I am beginning to think that maybe IF is suppressing my thyroid a little, and I'm going to start monitoring my body temp every morning to see what's going on.