Saturday, April 11, 2009

Built a Pull-Up Bar!

I got sick of waiting for one to magically fall out of the sky and decided to build a pull-up bar today. I ran over to Home Depot and bought:
  • 2 72" long, black powder-coated 1" diameter pipes
  • 1 48" long, black 1" diameter pipe for the bar
  • 2 90 degree elbow connectors
  • 2 t-connectors for the bottom supports
  • 4 12" long black 1" diameter pipes for the feet
Ended up costing about $80 USD. I could have spent less, but I didn't want to attach it to a wall at this point, as I wanted something that is fairly easy to move around just in case I want to lug it outside when the weather gets warmer.

It seems strong and stable enough. :)

Now, I really can't do pullups. Maybe one, and that one is pathetic. I've been avoiding pull-ups because I'm so weak. That's about to change. On my off-days from doing the EtK Program Minimum, I'm going to work on pull-ups. 'nuff said.

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