Sunday, April 12, 2009

Intermittent Fasting, Day 24, April 12, 2009

I decided to skip today's supplementation, just to stretch out my supplies. Since I'm unemployed as of April 30, I may do this several more times.

I've been working my IF days in a sort of random fashion. For example, Saturday and Sunday were both "Breakfast" days, where I would eat after waking and every 3 hours or so after, stopping at 6pm.

The meals on both days was pretty similar:
  • Egg white omelet (1.5 cups eggwhites w/2 whole eggs) w/ onions and lean ground turkey
  • 1 slice low-fat swiss cheese
  • An orange or an apple
  • 2 capsules of Biotest Flameout
Lunches and snacks were similar, as well:
  • Bowl of high-protein cereal (mostly flax, pumpkin seed, grain cereal) with
  • 1% milk mixed with a scoop of added protein
  • High-fiber grain toast with a little peanut butter
Only once in the past week did I eat fast food. I went to Arby's and got one of their new "roastburger" sandwiches, along with a medium fry and a diet dr. pepper. It really wasn't that great. The sandwich wasn't bad, but the fries tasted horrible and the soda was disappointing.

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