Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Quite A Weekly Weigh In & Training Update

As of this morning I weighed 220 lbs, which is 4 pounds less than last time, which was two weeks ago. So, averaging 2 pounds per week isn't bad at all.

I am visibly smaller and both my gut and sides seem tighter over the past week.

As for training, I took the weekend off from heavy training because of two reasons: 1, my ankle still wasn't feeling too good and I didn't want to stress it by going to Krav Maga training, and 2, I felt like I was catching a cold this weekend, so I mostly relaxed and drank Theraflu (but not enough water, stupidly). However, I was not all laziness this weekend.

Did GTG work with sandbags (not much, mostly cleans and crossovers) and also did shoulder flexibility work. I am capable of doing one-arm overhead squats (woohoo!) with a 16kg bell but that darned ankle still makes things a tad difficult at the bottom. I tried doing doubles but I just don't have the flexibility to quite get it. I can get almost parallel with two 16kg bells, but not lower.

Also, I can finally do reps on deck squats, using a 16kg bell for counter-balance. Previously, my weakened ankle made it hard, and likely my upper body fat did, as well. But yesterday I did 4 solid reps without much issue at all. I was able to keep my upper body nice and tight and driving through with the hips while pushing hard into the ground with my feet was quite easy.


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