Monday, April 6, 2009

Training for April 06, 2009

Warmed up with several minutes of Turkish Getup/Windmill combinations (two sets with a 16kg bell, 2 sets with a 24kg), then moved on to two sets of 5 reps each of cleans and high pulls with a 16kg bell.

Realized I wasn't keeping full body tension in the cleans, and once I corrected that, all the movements after got much crisper and more powerful.

After a minute or two, I then proceeded to do 6 minutes of VO2max snatch training with a 16kg bell. Chalked my grip before starting. What a huge difference that makes. I need to get more chalk.

After a few sets I had another realization, that I wasn't fully locking out my arm at the top of the snatch. Once I corrected that, and made sure to keep my bicep close to my ear, the snatches got noticeably easier. My punch through started to just fall into line and I didn't need anywhere near as much effort to keep going.

That said, I was still sucking wind at the end, but I felt great. Win! I'll continue to do 6 minutes for the rest of this week, and attempt an increase next week if I keep everything tight like it was for this session.

However, I still need to practice the punch through.

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