Thursday, April 9, 2009

Training for April 09, 2009

Decided to "get back to basics" today, by doing the Program Minimum from the Enter the Kettlebell book by Pavel Tsatsouline.

I did about 10-15 minutes of "pumps," face-the-wall squats, and halos, the latter with a 16kg bell. The halos feel wonderful, by the way. Right ankle is just unstable enough that squatting begins to get difficult after a while.

Following that was 12 minutes of alternating between two-handed swings with a 16kg bell and jumping rope. That was pretty killer and it felt great. My right ankle is a little sore afterwards, but the great toe on that foot feels OK.

I've decided (thanks for the reminder, Sandy!) to go back and do just this for at least 6 weeks. I am really enjoying the VO2max snatch work, and I will throw in a few days of it here and there, but I really did need to go back and work on the core movements.

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