Friday, April 10, 2009

Training for April 10, 2009

Again, following the Enter The Kettlebell Program Minimum. Today it was the Turkish Getups!

After a 10 minute warmup of pumps, halos (w/a 16kg bell) and face-the-wall squats, I proceeded to do 5 minutes of Getups with a 24kg bell. I felt strong, and really enjoyed them.

I think that made today's workout such a great experience was that between the movements in the warmup, I focused on complete relaxation. Bouncing lightly on the balls of my feet and shaking out all tension, breathing deeply throughout. I think it's just too easy to forget to do this.

My right ankle definitely has some flexibility and stability issues, which made the face-the-wall squats slightly difficult at the absolute bottom of the movement, but it is slowly getting better.

After all that . . . I ended up getting suckered into helping my mom move a granite slab-topped table she'd just bought. Darn thing must have weighed 500, maybe 600 pounds. Good thing I had the help of one of her neighbors.

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