Monday, April 13, 2009

Training for April 13, 2009

As per the EtK Program Minimum:
  • 10 minutes of pumps, halos, and face-the-wall squats, alternating every 3 reps of each
  • 12 minutes of swings (w/ 16kg bell) alternating with jump rope, minimal resting
and the results are . . .

Tired legs, heavy breathing, curse words, and contentment.

Another week or two and I will move up to a 24kg bell, I think.

Edit: Forgot my post-workout nutrition: 3 capsules of Vitamin Shoppe brand BCAAs. I can't eat until 6pm, so these puppies will have to do til then!

Edit: Worked in some rehab for the ankle after resting for a while.

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