Monday, April 27, 2009

Weigh In and Update

I've been so busy the last week and a half that I let my updates get behind.

As for intermittent fasting, I've stayed pretty much on schedule, though I did eat meals several days in a row that I shouldn't have. Last Friday and Saturday evenings I ended up hanging out with friends and we ate Italian on both days, which has helped contribute to me getting more carbs than I usually get.

Over the past two weeks, I haven't lost any more weight. In fact, I've gained two pounds since last weigh in, so I'm up to 222 lbs.

I like how IF makes me feel: light, a little hungry, and alert, but I'm wondering if I'm just not getting enough calories.

Today is Day 39 of my experiment in intermittent fasting, and I can look back and say that after about three weeks I started to lose some interest and things started looking like they were slowing down.

My thought now is to get back to a more active eating pattern; to do what is called a 'leptin reset' where I will be eating 5-6 meals per day, starting with low-carb for a week, then low GI/GL for a week, then higher GI/GL for a week, then on the 21st day, have a 'cheat day' where I eat anything and everything I want. People may recognize that this matches Joel Marion's Cheat To Lose Diet (which is currently being renamed and updated to Cheat Your Way Thin, which will be officially released tomorrow). I will be following Joel's plan, as I've had some good success with it in the past.

After that three week period, I'll do the maintenance phase, which is low-carb for Sunday and Monday, low GI/GL Tuesday and Wednesday, higher GI/GL Thursday and Friday, and then a Cheat Day on Saturday. I'll work on that for another three weeks, so I'll have a total of 6 weeks of eating this way.

The only bad thing I saw on eating this way before was that I was only getting around 1800 calories per day, and that stalled me pretty quickly as I was doing heavy weigh-training and martial arts. So, this time around I'll up the calories to around 2000 for the first week, then work up to 2400 the second week, and then level out at around 3000 for the last four weeks.

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