Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Diet Considerations

After thinking about this for the past week or so, I've decided against going with the Cheat To Lose diet. Instead, I've chosen to do Ori Hefmekler's Anti-Estrogenic diet.

I've done Ori's Warrior Diet in the past and had some good results on it, but I came to dislike the food preparation that I was doing every day. It became a hassle gathering all the ingredients and cooking for an hour or so every day, when I just wanted to sit and eat when it came time. I bought a crock pot then and will also use it this time around, to make healthy soups and stews, but will be focusing on easily prepared foods like hard-boiled eggs, fruits and raw vegetables and maybe juices from those. I really enjoy steamed cruciferous vegetables, and they're quick to make, though I will certainly try to eat a wider variety of vegetables, using the guidelines that Ori suggested.

The Anti-Estrogenic diet follows the same pattern of eating that the Warrior Diet does: undereat during the day, and eat one main meal at night. During the day I'll be eating small servings of fresh fruit and raw veggies, protein (like fish or a hard-boiled egg) and drinking tons of water. In the evening, I'll eat a more substantial meal, consisting of at least two large servings of fresh or steamed veggies, followed by lean proteins (fish, kefir, aged cheese, legumes, etc).

More on this later.

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