Monday, May 25, 2009

Training for May 25, 2009

Prior to starting my training for tonight, I decided to see if I could press 32kg using one 24kg bell and an 8kg bell. I got a solid single rep on each side, and I'm sure I could have gotten a second. I've tried pressing 32kg before and just couldn't get it, but that was a long time ago and I've been on TRT for several months now, and my strength is really starting to come back.

That success fueled the rest of my training session.

The warmup: One round through the Dynamic Kettlebell Warmup by Mike Stehle, using a 16kg bell. This includes halos, hot potatos, slingshots, low slingshots, figure 8's, and finishes with 10 swings (5 per hand). I'll start to add a second round through soon. Using a 24kg bell is too much for me as a warmup right now, and the 16kg is just right.

After that, I did 5 minutes of Turkish Getups with a 24kg bell, alternating one rep per side. I stupidly lost concentration and just about dropped the bell in rep 4 on the right side, but since I was training inside (it was raining outside), I couldn't just drop the bell and I had to catch it and lower it as best I could, while I was basically in a lunge position. I took a few deep breaths, re-focused and finished that rep, then went on to complete one last set.

Lastly, was 10 minutes of two-handed swings with a 24kg bell. 30 seconds on, 60 seconds rest. Averaged 20 reps each 30 second period and my grip was absolutely smoked on the last set; I almost dropped the bell as I simply couldn't continue to hook it.

All in all, even though I almost dropped the bell during the Getups, I felt really good about this session, and it's fired me up for tomorrow's.

I really want to get a pair of 32kg bells, now, but since I'm unemployed, it's gonna be a while. Anyone wanna send me a birthday present? ;) My b-day's in June.

Edit: Oops! I just realized I only did half the swings in the warmup that I was supposed to. Oh well. If I had, I may not have been able to finish my swings at the end. I'll see how it goes next time!

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