Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kettlebell Training: October 07, 2009

Earlier in the day I did some ASLR and Brettzel work (I really need to do this every day, as my range is terrible in both).

For kettlebells I warmed up with a 16kg bell:
  • Halos, 5 each direction.
  • Hot Potato, 5 each arm.
  • Slingshot, 10 each direction.
  • Low Slingshot, 10 each direction
  • Figure 8's, 10 total
  • One-handed KB swings, 5 each arm
I typically run through that circuit twice, but I still felt pretty warmed up from doing some housework (yes, I do it sometimes) so I just dove into the meat of the training, which was:
  • 6 minutes of Turkish Getups using a 24kg bell, switching sides each rep, and I think I got 8 on each side, but I lost count while focusing on the movement.
  • Two minute rest.
  • 10 minutes of swings using a 24kg bell, two-handed, using a 30 second on/45 second off timing. I averaged 18 reps per work period and got 8 sets completed, plus one last rep on the last set before my timer went off, for a total of 145 reps (3480kg/7672lbs total volume).
On Friday, I'll do one more workout with identical timings, but next week the Getups go up to 6:30 and the Swings drop to 30:40.

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