Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kettlebell Training: October 13, 2009

Warmup, with a 16kg bell:
  • 20 minutes of Z-Health, R-Phase, FBTS.
  • Halos, 5 each direction.
  • Hot potato, 5 each arm.
  • Slingshot, 10 each direction.
  • Low Slingshot, 10 each direction.
  • Figure 8's, 10 each direction.
  • One-handed swings, 10 each arm.
Workout, with a 24kg bell:
  • Turkish Getup ladder with 3 rungs and almost lost the last rep on the last set due to a lot of arm soreness.
  • 2 minute rest.
  • 10 minutes of swings using a 24kg bell, two-handed, using a 30 second on/40 second off timing.
For the swings I did exactly 18 reps per work period and got 9 sets completed (set the bell down after the last rep and my timer chimed in to let me know the 10 minutes was up), for a total of 162 reps (3888kg/8571.5lbs total volume, an 11.7% increase over last Wednesday).

That was a tough workout and I felt myself messing up, starting to round my back and look down, about 75% of the way through. I did not let that continue, and focused hard to keeping my eyes forward and my hips snappy. Finished strong.

Bad thing about the getups is the pre-existing issues with early carpal tunnel in my right wrist. I'm having to really squeeze the handle hard to keep it stable and prevent my forearm from hurting, and gripping it like that makes my arm sore.

I did see a Youtube video by Scott Sonnon describing some wrist work he uses for prehab/rehab in kettlebell training, so I may jump into that and see if it helps. Will update this post later with the URL for that video, but for now it's bed time.

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