Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kettlebell Training: October 17, 2009

Warmup consisted of circuits through the following:
  • Halos, 5 each direction
  • Face the wall squats
  • Pump stretch
Followed by:
  • 6:30 minutes of Turkish Getups with a 24kg bell - had a shaky rep when I wsa pushing off of one lunge and felt a cramp starting, it threw off my balance but I recovered fine without incident and the cramp quickly went away; total of 6 reps per side.
  • 10 minutes of swings with a 24kg bell, 30 seconds on/40 off for 9 total sets, 18 reps per set; for a total of 162 reps (3888 kg/8571.5 lbs total volume).
My squat form is just so disappointing. My right ankle just simply doesn't have the flexibility and stability that it should, due to several sprains I've experienced in the past year or so. I need to get in to see a doctor that uses ART or the Graston Technique to start breaking up the scar tissue and help me rehab it. It's really start to bug me. Maybe then my squats will improve.

However, since I am currently unemployed it will be hard to get to a doc. I have a job interview tomorrow so here's to hoping that I get good news!

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