Saturday, October 3, 2009

Krav Maga Saturday: Major Soreness

Krav Maga training this morning was not bad. I've got some gripes about the instructor who has been teaching some of the classes, though I have not said anything to the school owner, for various reasons.

Basically, none of the instructors there really know how to safely and efficiently warm people up for training. Doing arm circles and 2-second shoulder and hamstring stretches is insufficient and I find myself having to bite my tongue to prevent me saying out loud: "Why are we doing this crap?"

There's a new guy in class, maybe early to mid twenties, who definitely has a good athletics background as his punches and kicks are devastating, especially on the old pads and shields we have (they really, really suck). We were doing low roundhouses today and this guy just pummeled my thighs into oblivion. My left leg is so sore that it's hard to walk. I'll need to foamroll but I am not looking forward to that.

As far as my membership at this school is concerned, I prepaid for a year, so I'm just biding my time. The membership will be up in March of 2010 so I haven't got that much time left, but I will admit that there are some people I'll miss so I have to think hard about leaving. Of course, if I am not employed by then I won't really have a choice.

I've applied to be a sheriff's deputy in my county and if accepted, and I pass the academy, then I'll likely be golden on Krav Maga as there is a local KM school (KM only, no mixed arts like at my current school) that is run by two deputies and I bet they don't screw around. My long term goal is to become both a kettlebell instructor and a KM instructor (and maybe FMS too, if I can), as I feel combining the two here in town could be awesome.

Now, there are some RKCs here in my city but I don't think they are affiliated with any of the Krav schools, though I do know that one of the owners/instructors of a local KM school does train with a RKC trainer, I just don't believe the training is linked. I would like to be setup for both.

So, we'll see what the future holds. 2010 is a year of big plans for me: RKC, further KM training and instructor training, if I can, starting college (for anything!), achieving some further IT certifications (MCSE) seeing as it's already paid for and I just need to pass the tests, and continuing my KB training.

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