Saturday, October 3, 2009

Twisting Myself Into A Brettzel!

Over the past several months I'd been hearing about this stretch called the "Brettzel," named after Brett Jones, a personal trainer and Master RKC instructor. Mr. Jones seemed to include it in almost every workout he posted on his blog but I couldn't seem to find a good description of it anywhere so I stopped looking for a while.

Well, I finally found it on Sandy Sommer's blog, and Sandy even had a video of it! Finally!

Gray Cook, one of the "co-creators" of the stretch, posted a description of it on the Dragondoor site.

I just got done with my first Brettzel and I can say two things: 1: Wow! What an incredible stretch, it just feels amazing, and 2: Whoa! I am not very flexible and I understand why Sandy said he wished he'd recorded his first few attempts.

It appears from my first try that my left hip flexor needs more work than my right, but they are both fairly tight and I'll definitely include more work for them (daily, I promise!). I felt the stretch mostly in the quadriceps on both legs and what I assume is the iliotibial tract/piriformis (?) on both legs; that is, I felt a good (uncomfortable but not painful) stretch along the top and middle of my hip joint of the top leg during the movement.

I felt an almost immediate sense of "wellness" flowing from this stretch. Awesome!

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