Friday, November 27, 2009

Strained Adductor!

On Monday, I decided to go ahead and give one of Mike Mahler's kettlebell programs a try, and it freaking owns! Except that, somehow, during the last few sets of renegade rows, I managed to strain my left adductor. It freaking hurts.

I think it happened because I wasn't tucking my hips in and really focusing on overall body tension.

Tonigh I tried the same plan and I discovered several things: One, and I should know this already, is that Tension Is Strength - I went from using the 16kg bells on Monday to using the 24kg bells today and only got 2 fewer reps, which is fine with me; Two, is that my adductor was still more sore than I thought and it started to hurt again, which forced me to stop using that leg. Just about any movement causes it to really smart and it became too distracting.

Several lessons learned. I will nurse the adductor back to health and get back into hard training. I'm really looking forward to the heavy program that Mike laid out. Check out Mike's original post here.

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